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  • Do you have any adult hens or pullets for sale?
    No. We receive multiple calls a day about this and most likely never have any hens or pullets that we are willing to let go, or haven't already been spoken for. Sorry.
  • Do we ship/sell chicks?
    We are currently taking limited pre-orders only for shipping Spring 2023. Are you local and up for a drive? If so, get in touch. We might just have some chicks from our fertility check hatches looking for a new home.
  • Do we guarantee our eggs?
    Once the eggs are carefully packaged and shipped to you, the care and handling of eggs is out of our control. As with all shipped hatching eggs, hatch rates can not be guaranteed as there is no way to control the handling of eggs by the Post Office. Our eggs are gathered daily and stored properly to ensure freshness and maximum viability. We regularly check fertility here and know we are sending fertile eggs with every carefully packaged shipment.
  • Do we send NPIP paperwork?
    Yes, we send NPIP paperwork with every order. If you don't want the government knowing you have chickens, then I suggest you order from some illegal operation on ebay. That is not to say that all egg sellers on ebay are not legit. In fact, we do occasionally offer deals on our eggs through ebay. You can check us out there by searching for BlackWitchFarm
  • When will your eggs be shipped?
    We ship within 1-2 weeks by USPS Priority Mail on Monday-Wednesday with holiday and weather delays taken into consideration. Our eggs are gathered daily and stored properly to ensure freshness and maximum viability. Sometimes our hens like to go broody or organize a henhouse strike. In the case of an egg shortage, you will be notified of a new shipping date and/or offered a refund option. If we choose to delay shipping due to inclement weather, expected holiday delays, or any other unexpected reasons, we will communicate with you to discuss other mailing options.
  • Can we delay shipment of your eggs?
    Yes, if you would like to pre-order eggs but prefer a later shipping date, please let us know in the shipping notes when ordering your product and we will do our best to accomodate your request.
  • Do we send extra eggs?
    Yes, we always try include an extra egg or two with each order whenever possible, just because we know one may not make it in transit and we really want to make nice and be friends with other chicken people, who share in the love of raising our unique breeds.

We try our best to get your order shipped as soon as possible. Local pickup is always an option that we can arrange. We seldom have pullets available but have plenty of requests for them, so if you desperately want one of our breeds, it's best to order eggs or chicks to grow out yourself. We do not sex our chicks and they are sold as straight run only. 

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