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Chicks? Us? 
We will be shipping LIVE chicks Spring 2023!

Chicks? Anyone?


We have some exciting news here at Black Witch Farm--we will be offering a limited number of pre-order chicks for the spring of 2023 in two of our rare breeds! We’re taking the plunge by giving this a try to see if its something that we want to implement regularly in the future. 


The decision to take this step has been greatly influenced by the feedback from our clients. We’ll be starting with the birds that are the hardest to hatch from shipped eggs —the Westfalische Totleger, aka "Deathlayer" and the critically endangered La Flèche. This way we can start sharing these rare breeds with our fellow chicken enthusiasts who have had a hard time hatching them, or just aren’t into incubating eggs.


There's only a few things you'll need to know:


*There will be minimum of six chicks per order. 


*We’ll open up the hatch months only for pre-ordering—mid-March through June of 2023, but we promise to keep you updated on expected hatch and delivery dates. We will communicate with our customers at least one week in advance to give them a heads up on arrival times, confirming that it works for their schedule..


*We will ship the chicks by USPS Priority Mail Express, and ship only on Monday and Tuesday of each week. Chicks will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail Express on Monday and Tuesday of each week. The chicks will be 24 hours or less old when shipped. Each box will include the UniHeat pad to keep the chicks warm and Grogel for a food/hydrations source, as well as coconut netting for flooring and fruit in each box, free of charge.


Lastly, we are going to offer a Halloween special by giving a 31% discount off of your chick order starting today until 10/31.  Remember that the chicks won’t ship until mid—March through June of 2023. 

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