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It all started with a little girl who was obsessed with her pet chickens.

Once upon a time, a little girl fell in love with her pet chickens at her home in the country. In fact, she was obsessed with them. Often dreaming alone in her family's wildflower meadow, she soon turned her feathered friends into her daily playmates. 


She dressed her chickens in doll clothes. She served them tea at imaginative parties under her apple tree. She celebrated their birthdays and occasionally officiated at their wedding ceremonies.


Chickens, chickens, CHICKENS!  That's all she talked about to anyone who would lend her half an ear. 


Before long, she convinced her Aunt to buy her an incubator so she could have more chickens. Then, she counted her life savings and bought fertile eggs to hatch under her watchful eye.


The rest of the story is a whirlwind landing her family where they are today running Black Witch Farm and selling rare and critically endangered chicken breeds all over the United States.


We hope not only to share our breeds with you, helping preserve their numbers but also the passion for poultry that led us to where we are  today.


We are an ethical, small Pennsylvania, NPIP-certified homestead. We got into this business because we love our birds, love this lifestyle, and want to share our breeds with other chicken people who will enjoy them the same way we do. 

All of our birds have daily access to fresh grass and lots of bugs. 


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