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One Dozen Assortment

One dozen assortment of any of four of our breeds--you pick from any of our in stock fertile hatching eggs!


You will receive three eggs each of any of our available breeds. Choose between our all-black Ayam Cemani; ever-laying Deathlayer; fine French table breed, La Flèche; dark laying Blue Copper Marans; critically endangered White-faced Black Spanish; or our Bantam Calico Cochin.



You can only choose each breed once for your order. For instance, you cannot choose 6 Ayam Cemani eggs for the same dozen order. Orders that do not select four different varieties of breeds will not be fulfilled. 




In the advent that there are not four breed choices available or in stock, you may duplicate a breed selection and your order will be fulfillled. Happy Hatching! 

One Dozen Assortment

We will notify when your order is available to ship. Thank you for your patience. We promise these chicks will be worth the wait.
  • We ship with USPS 2-Day Priority Mail. Eggs are usually shipped within 1-2 weeks of ordering. We ship on Monday-Wednesday of each week. If you would like to request a hold at your local post office, delayed shipping, request a specific date of shipment or other shipping request, please let us know in the required field when you place your order. Once the eggs are carefully packaged and shipped to you, the care and handling of eggs is out of our control. As with all shipped hatching eggs, hatch rates can not be guaranteed as there is no way to control the handling and care of eggs once they leave our farm.