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La Fléche Chicks
  • Marek's Vaccine is STRONGLY recommended for this breed. If you wish to have your chicks vaccinated for Marek's Disease please add one vaccine to cart at checkout. One vaccine will vaccinate the entire order of chicks. 


    The words “la flèche” translates in French as “the arrow”, but this critically endangered bird actually gets its name from its origins in the town of La Flèche in France.  This medium-sized bird has black plumage, white earlobes, and a distinct v-shaped comb. It is deceptive in size, being much heavier than it appears. Males weigh 8 lbs and females weigh an average of 6.5 lbs. This super rare and hard-to-find breed has an active temperament and is an excellent forager. Of all the French chicken breeds, it is said that the La Flèche stands at the head for its table qualities.


    There will be minimum of six chicks per order.  You may select different breeds to meet the minimum order total of six chicks. You do not have to order all of the same breed. These will be straight run chicks, meaning that they will NOT be sexed as either male or female.


    Chicks will be shipped by USPS 1-2 day Express Mail on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week, unless otherwise arranged. The chicks will be 24 hours or less old when shipped. Each box will include the UniHeat pad to keep the chicks warm and Grogel for a food/hydrations source, as well as coconut netting for flooring and fruit in each box in each box included in the price of Express shipping.


    We will communicate with our customers in advance to give them a heads up on arrival times, confirming that shipment works for their schedule and that they are expecting the chicks to arrive. If you have a preferred week of arrival, please add us a note at checkout and we will do our best to make your preferred week of arrival happen, but please don't hate on us if we can't. 

    La Fléche Chicks

    • All live birds will be held for pickup at local post office. Please follow USPS tracking information that will be sent to your email once order has been shipped. Your telephone number will be posted on the outside of the box.

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