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5 Bantam Calico Cochin Fertile Hatching Eggs
  • Bantam Calico Cochins are a mix of Bantam Mille Fleur and Calico Cochins. They are fluffy, friendly, and full of personality! Bantam Cochins are a favorite of children and adults everywhere for their easygoing nature. They lay small, tinted or cream eggs, are great mothers. They do well in both hot weather and in cooler climates.

    5 Bantam Calico Cochin Fertile Hatching Eggs

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    • 5 Bantam Calico Cochin fertile hatching eggs from our small Pennsylvania NPIP-certified homestead.  We have one rooster and several hens as shown our OWN professional farm photos. Our birds are spoiled have access to lots grass and bugs, and are essentially free-ranged within a movable fence on our homestead.

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