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12 White-faced Black Spanish fertile hatching eggs
  • The critically endangered White-faced Black Spanish is thought to be the oldest breed in the Mediterranean class of poultry and fowl.  It seems certain that they date back to at least the Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, but likely much earlier.

    12 White-faced Black Spanish fertile hatching eggs

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    These eggs are currently out of stock. You may purchase as a pre-order. We will notify when your order is available to ship. Thank you for your patience. We promise these chicks will be worth the wait.
    • 12 White-faced Black Spanish (aka Farm Clowns) fertile hatching eggs from our small, Pennsylvania NPIP-Certified homestead. The White-faced Black Spanish breed is listed as critically endangered by Livestock Conservancy. These birds are in need of some dedicated breeders to help re-establish their numbers.  Prize-winning line of show birds.