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6-10 Week Old White-faced Black Spanish Pullets
  • 6-10 week-old White Face Black Spanish pullets from our small Pennsylvania farm.  We are an NPIP-Certified, Avain Influenza clean farm, and the pullets have been vaccinated at a day old for Marek's Disease. The White Face Black Spanish are a rare breed and one of the most personable poultry on our farm. Our birds are spoiled have access to lots grass and bugs, and are essentially free-ranged within a movable fence on our homestead.


    White Faced Black Spanish (aka Farm Clowns) are listed as critically endangered by Livestock Conservancy. These birds are in need of some dedicated breeders to help re-establish their numbers. The White Faced Black Spanish is thought to be the oldest breed in the Mediterranean class of poultry and fowl. It seems certain that they date back to at least the Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, but likely much earlier.


      Shipping for these birds will be serviced by USPS Express 1-2 Day Mail only, so it will be costly. This is the only legal way to ship live animals in the U.S. They will have plenty of food and fresh fruit to make the trip safely to their new home. Of course you can always select 'local pickup' and make the trip to our place, too. We schedule pickups by appointment only.

    6-10 Week Old White-faced Black Spanish Pullets

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