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12 La Flèche Fertile Hatching Eggs
  • The words “la flèche” translates in French as “the arrow”, but this critically endangered bird actually gets its name from its origins in the town of La Flèche in France.  This medium-sized bird has black plumage, white earlobes, and a distinct v-shaped comb. It is deceptive in size, being much heavier than it appears. Males weigh 8 lbs and females weigh an average of 6.5 lbs. This super rare and hard-to-find breed has an active temperament and is an excellent forager. Of all the French chicken breeds, it is said that the La Flèche stands at the head for its table qualities.

    12 La Flèche Fertile Hatching Eggs

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    • La Flèche, once considered the king and queen of the poultry world due to their distinct features and size, are a critically endangered breed of dual-purpose birds. Once close to extinction, La Flèche are making their way back into the poultry limelight. Black Witch Farms has sourced parent birds from some of the top breeders in the United States.

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